Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Top Favorite Kitchen Tools

I use a lot of tools in the kitchen and I thought it would be cool to show you which ones are my favorite.  These make cooking so much fun and so much eaiser!

1. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
I love this thing to death!  It whips thing so I don't have to do it by hand or with a hand held mixer.  Plus!  You can buy a special tool that goes on top and it mills grain.  My mom grinds the grain and makes flour a few times a week.  With our flour we make fresh whole grain wheat bread every week.  So good!
Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

2. Egg separator
This makes things sooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier.  I have to separate twelve eggs when I make butter cream frosting and well...that can be aggravating.  Now I have a egg separator.  Plus mines really cute!  It's in the shape of an egg and has cute little eyes and a tiny beak.  Ya, I really like it.
Egg separator
3. Toaster Oven
It's. So. Amazing.  During the summer, it's way to hot to turn on the oven (especially if you live in Florida like me)  this niffy tiny oven can cook just about anything that you would put in a regular oven.  It also cooks much faster.  I read a lot about how micro waves are bad for your health and if you where always on the go (eh hemm, that's me) this would be a great investment.  It is!  It takes a little longer than a microwave but faster than a regular oven.  So best of both worlds, Right? Right.
Toaster Oven

4. Silicon Pans
One of my friends introduced these to me.  It's a flexible pan made out of Silicon.  It's so nice cause it just pops out when you turn it over.  The really fun part is that they can come in all sorts of color shapes and sizes.  I have a regular 8x8 in blue, heart shaped one, and a muffin pan.
Silicon Pans
5.  Four-in-one Cake display
My mom and I got this for Christmas.  It's a cake display, punch bowl, Food storage display, and food organizer.  They say "Six-n-one" but its really only four.  I still love it!
Four-in-one Cake Display

6. Disher/ Batter Scopper
I recently bought one of these.  What did I do with out it?  Basically it looks like an ice cream scooper but doesn't Scoop ice cream, actually it fails at scooping ice cream....BUT!  It's great for scooping cake batter or muffin batter into little cup cake pans.  I used to use a spoon and that would make a HUGE mess... yeah...  I would defiantly recommend buying one of these if you like to make cupcakes or muffins on a normal basis. 
Batter Scooper
~Love Jade~

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