Friday, July 27, 2012

Chocolate Sugar Cookie Espresso Bars

I was bored.
Bored of regular Sugar cookies.  I wanted Chocolate.  I wanted a sugar cookie.  I wanted Espresso.  How would I combine all of these together? Hmmm... *light bulb* I got it!  Chocolate Sugar cookie Espresso bars!  How was I going to do that?

I’ll Explain

Chocolate Sugar Cookie Espresso Bars:
1. Sugar cookie Mix
2. 16 oz. of vanilla frosting
3. ½ cup of melted Chocolate
4. 1-2 teaspoons of espresso powder
5. Chocolate shavings (optional)

  • Mix sugar cookie mix adding normal ingredients
  • Add unto a 8x8 lined pan
  • Bake according to packet
  • Cool Sugar cookie crust
  • Mix melted chocolate in frosting (makes chocolate frosting!)
  • Add Espresso powder to chocolate frosting
  • Pour chocolate espresso frosting onto the sugar cookie crust
  • Add chocolate shavings
  • Cut into bars
  • Indulge

Thank you Robynn Katzeff for being in the kitchen with me and helping me think of this wonderful creation.  Thanks for eating most of it too!  Love you!

~Love Jade~


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