Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lemon Garlic Cheese Midnight Pasta

It’s a eleven o clock at night.  I’m hungry.  I scurry around the kitchen and open our wide pantry and examine all the choices.  Hmm...
Yes, Pasta.  Call me insane.  I was in the mood for pasta and wasn’t stopping.  Even though there was that little voice in my head saying:

“It’s 11 at night.  Your gonna regret this tomorrow morning.   Pasta gonna go to your hips!”

 “ You usually stay up for another hour anyway.  Tomorrow? Sleep in.  It’s Whole Grain!"

This little debate went on but it turned out, voice number 2 won.  Which I was very happy about.  So there I was filling up a pot of water to boil pasta in.  A pinch of salt add in the pasta.  Easy.

Now for the sauce,
As a matter of fact I wasn’t in the mood for regular old tomato sauce.  I was in my chef mood so I wanted to go all out.  I wanted something…
Wait, I think the pasta is done.  Let me go check.

*Meanwhile checking the pasta to see if its alienate*

Okay back, yup the pasta is done.  Now, back to the sauce.  I grated some fresh Romano cheese.  FRESH!  Not the powder stuff you buy in a containor that’s already grated.  Eww no.  Fresh.  It taste SO much better.   Place the cooked pasta in a pan on low heat.  Add olive oil (for that Italian flair) and butter (cause it taste good!) and melt it down.  Add in your cheese, garlic, and lemon.  Salt and Pepper for taste. 

Easy, Right?
                           Add the cheese!
                                                 Pretend that's a real lemon.
                                                 I would go out and buy a lemon but again,
                                                  it was eleven 'o' clock at night....
                                Seeeeeeeeee?  I told you it was whole grain!

                       Top it with Parsley.  DONE!  Now, let it cool for.... No, I'm just kidding.   DIG IN!

~Love Jade~

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