Friday, August 17, 2012

Blogs and Such

Every amazing blogger must follow amazing blogs.  Here are some of my favorite websites and blogs I LOVE to go on.  They give me inspiration for my own blog and teach me something new everyday!

1) Bakerella 
Bakerella is a blog about a woman who loves to bake creative treats.  She is more into the modern baking flare with the bright colors and lots and lots of sugar!  I've looked through her book cake pops 
many times and enjoy it every time.  It's probably one of my favorite modern cake pop recipe book.
Click here to check out Bakerella!

2) The Pioneer Woman
This blog is so much fun!  Maybe your not into cooking as much as I am and would rather learn about the home and garden, homeschooling, photography, and stories from a woman named Ree Drummond.  This little chef lives with her family on a big ranch.  She is new on the food network and has her very own show.  I love her new show on the Foodnetwork.  The pioneer woman knows her stuff.  Welcome to her Frontier! 
Click here to check out The Pioneer Woman 

3) Giada at Home
Giada de Laurentiis is no doubt my favorite chef ever.  She is so good on screen and is very beautiful.  Giada gives me hope because she is so skinny!  I keep telling myself, I will not get fat being a chef.... I will not get fat..... I will not get fat....  I'm so jealous of her amazing kitchen!  It's white with flogged cabinets and ahhhh I just love it.  The only sad part is that she doesn't actually have a blog or website of her own, her (sorta kinda) website is linked on food network.  I still like it a lot because they have videos, her recipes, show times, photography, biography...ect.
P.S. Giada named her daughter Jade!  Her daughter and I have the same name!  
Click here to see Giada's Website

4) Jacques Torres Chocolate
Chocolate!  Chocolate!  Chocolate!  
This website is all about chocoloate.  How can you not love it already?  I would start scanning down to the bottom now and find the link and skip reading all of this!  Oh?  You decided to keep reading?  Thank you.  He has a recipe for anything and everything chocolate.  His chocolate chip cookies are THE BEST!!  
Click here to see Jacques Torres Chocolate  

5) Little Mrs.Robinson  
Little Mrs. Robinson is a blog about an everyday woman, Sarah, who lives daily in God's grace.  She shares her life with us.  Sarah has cute ideas and crafts for the home, recipes, and funny learning about life stories.  Her blog refreshes me and is an inspiration for me as a blogger and as a young woman. 
Click here to see Little Mrs.Robinson's Blog 

6) Emily Renee
This is my best friends blog.  She also blogs about her everyday life and is new to blogging!  She is a fantastic writer and cracks me up!  Check out her blog!
Click here to see Emily Renee's Blog  

Check them out and keep reading my blog!  Love you! 

                             I got flour all over my shirt while I was baking! 

~Love Jade~

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