Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nuetella and Strawberries

One of the easiest-addictive-quick-yummy snacks ever!  It's Nutella, it HAS to be good.  If you've never had Nutella...
You need to grab your purse and car keys and go.
Just go.
It's SOOOOO Amazingly good.

I literally eat spoonfuls of it.
It's THAT good.

So why not with strawberries?
Strawberries are healthy?  Now it's a healthy snack!  Not really.... But still!

I cut out the top of the strawberries and put spoon fulls of Nutella in them.  It's great for a party!

Tip: An easy way to transport your yummy treats is to place them in an egg carton and go! 
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~Jade Day

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